| Improving Lives “Upstream”
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Improving Lives “Upstream”

A decent job changes our perspective. Work is affirming. Being able to provide for the needs of the family makes a big difference in a person’s outlook on life, doesn’t it?

Nguvu Dairy, a business launched in Uganda by The Market Project, is radically changing the perspective of many families. The jobs at Nguvu are breaking the cycle of generational trauma caused by chronic poverty and war in northern Uganda. Nguvu directly employs more than 60 men and women who make and sell yogurt. And the good news is, these numbers are growing.

Nguvu Dairy’s growing need for quality milk is not just providing jobs for yogurt producers and salespeople; it is also putting farmers to work. Nguvu pays a fair price for each liter at its new milk collection center in Cwero. This means that “upstream” dairy farmers now have a dependable market for their product.

No longer dependent on the whims of milk traders who fail to pay, our farmers are thankful. Twenty, yes 20! dairy farmers now sell directly to Nguvu.

 One farmer expressed his gratitude: 

“Now my cows get milked every day.
I can pay my children’s school fees because
Nguvu pays me consistently.”

Nguvu’s demand for milk creates honorable work for smallholder farmers and their families. The Cwero center also improves the company’s supply chain and lowers input costs.


The graphic above shows the breadth of Nguvu’s impact on the community. Each of Nguvu’s 62 employees supports an average of seven immediate and extended family members. This means Nguvu jobs are supplying the means to support a total of 434 individuals. Twenty farmers are also boosting their incomes by selling their milk to Nguvu.

In addition, Nguvu yogurt is strengthening the nutrition of over 5,234 customers. Dairy consumption in rural parts of Uganda is only 22 liters per person per year – 11 percent of the World Health Organization’s recommended level of 200 liters per year.  Consuming as little as one packet of yogurt a week increases a rural Ugandan’s dairy intake by 47 percent!

 Please consider helping The Market Project provide training to Nguvu’s expanding number of team leaders and ongoing businessmentoring. Your generous year-end support is much appreciated!