Our Model

We transform individuals and communities by creating jobs that reflect demands in the market and offer holistic trauma training and support.


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Sustainable Work

We create transformative and dignity-affirming jobs in market-based businesses for survivors of trauma, exploitation, and trafficking. These jobs build skills and promote flourishing in community to advance the survivor’s healing journey.

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Trauma Healing

We train managers to understand the impact of trauma and adopt trauma-informed leadership practices. Employees can participate in trauma healing groups. Mentors walk with survivors to further their healing journey.

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Supportive Community

Healing takes place in community and in relationship with others. We build a trauma-informed workplace by training managers, ensuring adherence to employment laws, and conducting team-building activities. We strive to create genuine community - spaces of safety, remembrance, and reconnection. Workers learn teamwork, build trust, and gain agency and voice.

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Learn more about how we build sustainable businesses

We start by partnering with organizations that are already working with survivors of trauma. We conclude by identifying employees who have the ability to run the business without our help.