Our Mission

We build sustainable businesses and create workplaces that are transformative and dignity-affirming for survivors of complex trauma.

About Us

The Market Project started when a group of people saw firsthand a critical gap in the aftercare of trauma survivors: jobs within a workplace that promotes healing often elude survivors.

We were founded by individuals with varied experiences: business creation, re-entry of those formerly incarcerated, and bearing witness to the needs of the traumatized. They saw the challenges trauma survivors had finding work that did not re-traumatize.

Understanding the impact of trauma on survivors of domestic violence, armed conflict, and human trafficking, they began to see the significant need for training and preparation to ensure trauma survivors could thrive in the workplace.

The sustainability of the business requires ongoing market research, commitment to integrity, and employees who learn their jobs well and are stable. We offer ongoing mentoring and investment in the well-being of men and women. This means there is a greater opportunity to have skilled employees earn out the business.

We believe we have proven this innovative model is replicable. The business may be unique, and the culture may be quite different, but certain human needs remain the same: healthy relationships, the ability to provide for ourselves and loved ones, and a supportive community to help realize healing.


We have applied our innovative model of intense, ongoing market research, investment of capital, mentoring, and empowering nationals to learn (and fail) on the job.


We have integrated into the workplace trauma healing training and engagement with local mental health resources.


We have seen hundreds of lives changed through real-work experience, skills training, trauma healing, and holistic care that result in the reconciliation of relationships with family, friends, and community.

Core Values


We believe in the inherent dignity of each person as an individual created and valued by God.


We are committed to communicating with transparency and acting with integrity in everything that we do.


We seek to promote the physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being of each person engaged.


We create safe communities within healing workplaces that reinforce mutual respect, healthy dialogue, and teamwork.


We see one another through the eyes of compassion, as we seek to listen to and understand each person's unique journey.


We believe healing from trauma is possible within spaces of safety, remembrance, and reconnection.

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