Business Creation

We establish market-based enterprises that provide sustainable, healing workplaces and employment for men and women who have experienced complex trauma.

Market-Based Businesses

The market for our products and services may be local, regional, or global. Research is vital to success. Managers are trained to understand how demand in the market affects the company’s bottom line while reinforcing mutual respect and healthy dialogue.


Survivor-Sensitive Jobs

Healing takes place while in relationship with others. We strive to create genuine community - spaces of safety, remembrance, and reconnection. Workers learn teamwork, build trust, and gain agency and voice.

Community-Focused Impact

Trauma survivors often live in challenging, underserved regions. We build viable businesses where survivors can work and heal. They offer hope to the individual and transformation to the community.

Uganda aerial community

Our Inaugural Enterprise


Nguvu Dairy Limited, Uganda

Nguvu Dairy brings high-quality, fresh dairy products made with wholesome milk from local cows directly to the doorstep of its customers - at a price that they can afford.