Building Healing Workplaces

Join us in our vision for flourishing communities where trauma survivors find healing in safe workplaces and provide for themselves and their families.


Survivors of complex trauma often struggle to find sustainable employment. We work with trauma survivors to build thriving businesses that foster trauma healing.

When survivors of trauma, exploitation, and trafficking are unable to provide for themselves or their families, it is difficult for them to engage in their healing journey. We use the power of the marketplace to provide safe, dignity-affirming jobs in a healing workplace.

Our Holistic Model

We create jobs that encourage a journey of healing from trauma and (re)building healthy relationships with others.


Sustainable Work

We create sustainable jobs in market-based businesses for survivors of trauma.


Trauma Healing

We offer holistic trauma training and care within the workplace.


Supportive Community

We provide a supportive work culture that encourages mutual respect, healthy dialogue, and teamwork.

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