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Your gift supports the development of new market-based businesses; ongoing training to ensure managers are trauma-informed; and measuring the impact of work in a trauma survivor’s healing journey. Join the work today!

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The Market Project: Give Where Most Needed

The Market Project - Creating Healing Workplaces

Give where most needed. Partner with us to help men and women find hope and flourishing through safe, dignity-affirming and healing work.

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Uganda: Nguvu Dairy

Men and women in five Ugandan towns are at work producing and selling Nguvu Dairy’s fresh, quality yogurt. Nutritious, affordable food is valued by those in rural villages and towns alike. Nguvu is eager to spread its reach to new markets. Capital is needed to improve our production capacity. We are eager to offer jobs to 55 more sales persons. This requires expanding and maintaining the current fleet of delivery bicycles. Your support will make this possible.

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Trauma Training & Care

Over 50% of workers employed in Market Project businesses have had hard lives marred by violence, being trafficked, or the horror of armed conflict. Many of them missed out on childhood and basic schooling. While they have stable employment, they still need ongoing emotional support, healing groups and tools for a hope-filled life longer term. Help us provide this critical support.

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Myanmar: Healing Jobs Creation

The Market Project Myanmar Healing Jobs Creation

Give the Gift of a Healing Job.Help us create healing workplaces for survivors of human trafficking in Myanmar.

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Ukraine: Healing Jobs Creation

The Market Project Ukraine Healing Jobs Creation

Give the Gift of a Healing Job.Help us create healing workplaces for those impacted by disability in Ukraine.

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