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About Us

We want to see men and women find hope and flourish through safe, dignity-affirming, healing work.
We create profitable businesses that offer stable jobs and support healing for survivors of trauma, exploitation, and trafficking.
We focus on products that emphasize hands-on engagement in a supportive workplace. Ensuring managers are trained to recognize and mitigate the impact trauma has on men and women enhances the healing journey.
Our products must have robust market potential independent of the backstory of the workers who create them. We do the hard work of market research and product development on the front end, thereby creating the greatest potential for successful products.
We seek to build on the work done by Care Partners, instilling more and more agency and stability amongst those employed in the businesses. When we employ people, provide job training, and create trauma-informed workplaces, we free our Care Partners to focus on counseling and life skills training.
Market-focused, reproducible businesses will bring enduring stability to communities as opportunities are offered to trauma survivors and those who might otherwise be vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.

The Market Project is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and your financial contributions are tax deductible. Market Project Inc’s tax identification number is #46-4190613.

2017 Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2016 IRS Form 990-EZ

2016 Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2015 IRS Form 990-EZ

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