Business Creation

We establish market-based enterprises that provide sustainable, healing workplaces and employment for men and women who have experienced complex trauma.

The Market Project’s Value Proposition

We create viable businesses, that otherwise would not get started in a local context, that employ trauma survivors and bring hope to the individual and transformation to the community.

A Well-Researched Approach

We conduct thorough field research and apply a rigorous process of market analysis and product development before starting our businesses. The ten steps of our process have the end goal in sight: A trauma-informed workplace that fosters agency in each employee, and a sustainable business that will eventually be earned out by the employees.

The Market Project’s Businesses

Nguvu Dairy Limited, Uganda

Nguvu Dairy brings high-quality, fresh dairy products made with wholesome milk from local cows directly to the doorstep of its customers – at a price that they can afford.