Our Model for Creating Trauma-Informed Workplaces

As you might know, our goal is to create safe and empowering job opportunities for survivors of trauma, exploitation, and trafficking. At the core of our work, we transform individuals and communities by creating jobs that reflect the demands in the market and offer holistic trauma training and support.

We do this by providing sustainable work opportunities. We create transformative and dignity-affirming jobs in market-based businesses for survivors of trauma, exploitation, and trafficking. These jobs build skills and promote flourishing in the community to advance the survivor’s healing journey.

We do this by providing healing for trauma. We equip and train managers with the knowledge and tools to better understand and respond to the impact of trauma and provide resources and support to help survivors on their healing journey.

We do this by building a genuine, supportive community — which is vital to the healing journey as workers can develop trust, learn teamwork, gain agency and voice, and feel safe and supported.

Our work creates viable businesses in local areas that would otherwise not get off the ground. These businesses then employ trauma survivors, providing hope to individuals and improving the community.

We are thankful for your interest in the work we do! There are a few different ways you can support our work. If you feel compelled, check out our website to see how you can help us build trauma-informed workplaces.

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