A Paradigm Shift in Economic Development

The Market Project combines the economic power of the marketplace and a deep understanding about the impact of trauma to help those who have experienced complex trauma and trafficking. A healing workplace is a vital part of aftercare that is often missing. To bridge that gap, enterprises we launch employ men and women who need to support themselves and their loved ones. We are often asked, “How do you go about building such a workplace?”

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In fact, The Market Project is committed to enterprises with quadruple bottom lines. Businesses that:

  1. Generate a healthy profit;
  2. Foster holistic healing;
  3. Create products sustained by the market (jobs are not continually dependent on outside funds); and,
  4. Are harmless to the Earth.

The rigor required to go from business concept to reality takes months and months. Moving from a fledgling to soaring enterprise calls for steady-handed, on-the-ground managers and ongoing guidance from The Market Project’s Director of Business Creation. We welcome new business ideas — and here are 10 basic steps that we follow:

How TMP Creates its Businesses

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