Healing Together: A Transformative Journey in Lira, Uganda


In the heart of Northern Uganda, a new initiative is taking root, one that aims to mend the deep-seated wounds inflicted by generations of trauma. The Lira trauma healing training program stands as a beacon of hope for the people of Lira District, a community historically scarred by chronic poverty, violence and warfare. This initiative is not just about addressing nutritional needs but aims to foster a profound and lasting mental and emotional recovery.

Understanding the Scope of the Problem

The cycle of generational trauma in Lira has left indelible marks on its residents, creating a community in dire need of comprehensive healing solutions. The trauma, compounded by the imprint of war and the pervasive violence within the community, calls for a response that goes beyond traditional aid. It requires a deep understanding and a tailored approach to address the complex layers of suffering experienced by survivors.

The Network’s Role in Healing and Transformation

Recognizing the strategic position of a Mercy Network comprised of community leaders in Lira, the trauma healing training program envisions creating a pivotal platform for collective healing. The potential to support survivors of complex trauma through both word and deed offers a unique opportunity for holistic community transformation. Yet, a significant gap exists—the lack of trauma-informed training among community leadership, which limits their ability to effectively support trauma survivors.

A Collaborative Approach to Healing

In an effort to bridge this gap, the new trauma healing training initiative has enabled a partnership with a network comprising 15 community-based organizations. This collaboration is grounded in the distribution of food packs and extends to providing essential training to community leaders. By providing these leaders with the necessary tools and knowledge, the program equips them to adopt trauma-informed practices and lead healing groups.

The Impact of Training and Community Support

The training offered to community leaders within the Mercy Network is transformative. It enables them to comprehend the impact of trauma on individuals and empowers them to create supportive environments for healing. These environments not only facilitate the restoration of survivors’ dignity but also foster a sense of belonging and support within the community.

A Call to Action

The Lira trauma healing training program is more than an intervention; it’s a movement toward creating sustainable and dignified solutions for the survivors of complex trauma. By joining this cause, individuals and organizations alike can contribute to building transformative workplaces and businesses that affirm the dignity of every survivor. This initiative is a testament to the power of community and hope in overcoming the shadows of trauma, offering a path to hope and renewal for the people of Lira.

To support this cause and become part of the healing journey, donate toward our Trauma Healing fund. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many, turning their stories of pain into narratives of triumph and resilience.

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