Social Impact Commands Attention

Many large corporations have created “corporate social responsibility” or “CSR” programs that assess the effects of their company’s programs and operations on social wellbeing. They demonstrate their CSR commitment with investments that help address social problems like human trafficking.

CSR programs have helped prevent the horrific exploitation and abuse that come with trafficking. Delta Air Lines, for instance, has trained more than 54,000 employees to recognize the signs of trafficking victims in transit. Partnering with the non-profit Polaris, Delta provided $1 million in support of the National Human Trafficking hotline. Marriott International has trained more than 225,000 employees in 125 countries to identify and report potential cases of trafficking at its hotels and bring protection to victims.

At The Market Project, CSR is not only a program; it is in our DNA. Our vision is to see men and women find hope and flourish through safe, dignity-affirming and healing work. This is the reason we start businesses. We intentionally design our workplaces to be supportive communities and train supervisors in these businesses to recognize and manage the impact of trauma within the work team. We look for ways to help our staff succeed and improve their wellbeing.

In Ukraine, The Market Project focuses on creating jobs for men, women and working-age youth who live with disability. The workplace community will be blended, including people with and without disabilities. All will acquire critical skills that create independence and self-sustainability. For those whose childhood was lived in institutions, these jobs will expand their options in life and reduce their vulnerability to being exploited or trafficked. Families will be better able care for their loved ones living with disability at home, ending lifelong institutionalization.

For less than $30,000, The Market Project will be able to finalize the market research, register the business, and purchase the equipment necessary to pilot a new business in Ukraine. Individuals with disabilities have already expressed excitement and hope that this effort could provide them work for the first time in their lives, something they never imagined as possible.

 Will you help launch this pilot in Ukraine that has CSR in its DNA? The Market Project invites you to join our effort.

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