Teamwork Shines at Nguvu Dairy


Meet Nguvu Dairy’s production team!* Robina, Johnson, Magino, Bridget, Morris, Teopista, Agnes and James are responsible each week for transforming 2,700 liters of milk into strawberry, lemon and vanilla yogurt.

Sales staff on bicycles with coolers full of yogurt fan out from Gulu and four other towns in northern Uganda to sell to townspeople and villagers. Particularly during the coronavirus pandemic when supply chains have been disrupted and food is often scarce, Nguvu’s yogurt improves the nutrition of these stressed communities.

Production leader Robina Aling ensures the team consistently makes high-quality and delicious yogurt. Each team member goes through three levels of training. This training covers sanitation, milk testing and pasteurization, yogurt fermentation and production, and supply and inventory management.  Team members are tested for medical fitness and must be free from diseases such as typhoid and other diarrheal food-borne illnesses. Medical certificates from the local health inspector are posted in the production area. Regular testing from Uganda’s Dairy Development Authority ensures that Nguvu’s produces yogurt that meets national standards.

Nguvu is proud of its creamy product which has a reputation in the region for being the best, delicious yogurt. Over many months Robina has worked hard to develop her skills to become a production leader. Nguvu takes pride in the professional training of each team member.  The stable, supportive job means men and women learn new skills and find their strengths.

Survivors of trauma find new hope at Nguvu Dairy, a for-profit, locally-
run business started by The Market Project. We could not do this life-changing work
without your support.

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*Photos taken prior to pandemic.

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